Refurbished Laptop

From April 2020, AXN had launched the service of renovating electronic devices to elevate the quality of used electronic devices. The service includes multiple processes, such as renovating the shells, cleansing and disinfecting the ICT hardwares, the internal fans and all connectors, renewal of the thermal conduc- tive silicones, the logo stickers and even the shells(for some models). We have strict tests for the hard- wares, such as data destruction, scanning of bad sectors, LED screens cleansing and screen protectors renewal, keyboard tests, and recharging and discharging of batteries.
Quality Management System
All used laptops from recycling to refurbishment and wholesale sales are in line with ISO-14001 environmental certification and ISO-27001 infor- mation security certification.
Global IT Asset Wholesale
Headquartered in Kuala Lumpur, AXN has established second-hand electronics disposal centers and offices in major cities around the world such as Guangzhou, Kuala Lumpur and Dhaka.

Wholesale for used server/AIO/Desktop

High Quality and Stable Resources:
AXN has regular recycle contracts with multiple national cloud computing centers and IDC rooms. Hundreds of servers flow into AXN each yea

Consumer Electronics Recycling

Maximize the value of idle IT assets
AXN cooperates with major OEM manu- facturers to recycle a large number of related notebook computers to inspect, test and refurbish recycling equipment, and establish recycling centers in major cities in as China, Malaysia, Jakarta and Singapore.
Data destruction:
Data destruction fully complies with the international ISO-27001 information security certification

Global IT Asset Disposal

Data center IT equipment disposal
AXN cooperates with large data centers in many cities around the world to recycle and dispose of the servers in these data centers, and can clear related sensitive data in accordance with the ISO-27001 information security standard, and provide traceable ICT equipment recycling.
Refurbishment of ICT assets
Perform comprehensive hardware testing and mainte- nance of enterprise desktop computers and laptop com- puters to meet AXN’s resale standards
ICT External management
Customize ICT asset manage- ment programs for your compa- ny, and closely manage all ICT equipment of your company.


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