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We have comprehensive technical partnerships with best in class post-industrial recycling (PIR) and post-consumer recycling (PCR) and e-commerce platform DOA recycling mechanisms, all electronic products will be classified and screened to define the appearance level, as well as hardware testing, improving usage of second-hand electronic products, export, and resales.
Industry efficiency
Efficiency with the latest industry data of electronics recycling in Asia, you can realize the maximum value of your company’s waste assets, and the evaluation and sales can be completed in the shortest time.
Data Destruction
PCs used by enterprises and individuals are not only hardware devices, but also the security of sensitive data, internal documents and important materials of enterprises, and private information of personal medical information are all secured by our service.

Global Delivery
We have multiple locations around the world. AXN can deliver goods and purchase IT assets to most cities around the world anytime you want. Whether you are dealing with assets or buying used equipment, we can do it all as soon as possible.
Asset Resale
Asset Resale Enterprise asset disposal is the way to get value from some of the devices at the end of the life cycle. We can evaluate the value of your ICT asset equipment as quickly as possible so that the corporate liquidation of assets can be quickly realized.

Professional Services

Laptops Recycling
Our Management has more than 70 years of combined ICT recycling experience. We will give you the most accurate evaluation of the value of second-hand laptop assets, and provide best in class data destruction services for each of your laptops.
Enterprise IT Assets Recycling
How to maximize the value of asset resale is the biggest concern for all ICT asset management departments. AXN has a business unit that specializes in managing ICT assets, providing complete, traceable on-site data removal, on-site security physical damage, asset audits, trademark clearance, and resale.
Inventory Recycling
Fully recycling electronic equipment from sales companies and e-commerce inventory, to solve your inventory pressure, provide fast recycling of funds, a wide range of recycling and also operability, we provide the most professional services and the highest quotation allows you to clear the inventory to recycling funds more easily.
Used Laptop Wholesale
In the world, hundreds of millions of second-hand computer equipment are eliminated every year. We recycle second-hand laptops every month and conduct rigorous testing and refurbishment on a large number of second-hand laptops to meet AXN’s delivery standards.
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Asset Evaluation and Resale
Our professional ICT asset assessment team gives you the latest and most comprehensive quotation valuation, and we can also provide sales services for your business. IT equipment replacement replaces the old equipment to give you the best place and the highest value return.
Military Level Data Destruction
The most valuable thing in enterprise PCs is not hardware, but data. Each enterprise has more or less sensitive business data and business data protection from employee medical records to strategic planning stored in computers every day, while commercial espionage between peers is everywhere.


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