As technology evolves at an unprecedented rate never experienced before in our society, a technological revolution is changing our daily lives and the way we work and interact with one another. Technology can also be and often is overwhelming for individuals and organizations. AXN Technologies is prepared to handle the complex challenges which arise on a daily basis. From cyber security, networks development, software development and representation, latest computer and ICT assets provision as well second-hand ones and asset life extension programs as well as assets recycling. From software to hardware solutions, AXN Technologies provides an array of services and solutions to meet the unique needs of our clients.

Company Background

AXN Technologies is an Information Communication Technology (ICT) solution provider headquartered in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. As a company, we currently directly employ dozens of trained professionals with a network across Malaysia, Indonesia, and Brunei. We also have a warehouse facility together with a center for asset life extension in Guangzhou, China, and another one in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

AXN Technologies strives to satisfy the increasingly sophisticated needs of technology-driven solutions and seamlessly integrated information systems to end consumers, education, SME businesses, large corporations, and government institutions.

We pride ourselves on being a solutions-based organization and take time to understand each customer’s individual business needs. Our comprehensive and flexible spectrum of services is supported by leading-edge information technology that provides a high level of visibility from end to end.

Essential Transformational ICT Provider

AXN Technologies’ mission is to be the leading integrated ICT provider in South East Asia. We aim to fully renovate our offering for businesses and end consumers by providing for the needs of tomorrow. To accomplish this mission, we set to build the best-in-class capabilities while engaging with an ecosystem of world-leading innovative partners whilst taking into account that resources are finite and that newer does not necessarily mean better. 
The goal is to fundamentally transform the depth and range of ICT services with the commitment to understand what our customers truly require and not what we have to provide them to maximize our profitability.
We know that good services bring loyalty and the latter brings economies of scale that with time will also bring higher profitability. AXN offers to organizations, enterprises, and individual consumers simply what is required and in doing so we believe we are also making top-class products more accessible and providing reach to individuals and organizations not reachable before.


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