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We have many years of experience in reverse logistics supply management, have been dedicated in protecting to environment and recycling of electronic products, adhering to the principle of recycling and ultimately achieving zero pollution. We are willing to work together with you to expand the global recycling electronic products and resale business.

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AXN Technologies strives to satisfy the increasingly sophisticated needs of technology-driven solutions and seamlessly integrated information systems to end consumers, education, SME businesses, large corporations, and government institutions.
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Asset Resale
Laptops Recycling
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Asset Evaluation and Resale
Military Level Data Destruction

Comprehensive Services

We have perfect post-industrial recycling (PIR) and post-consumer recycling (PCR) and e-commerce platform DOA recycling mechanisms, all electronic products will be classified and screened to define the appearance level, as well as hardware testing, improving usage of second-hand electronic products, export and resales.
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